Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sticks, Stone and a Broken Heart Cover

When I released the cover for SS&BH it got great reviews and began the excitement for my next novel coming out in the fall. I want to thank my cover designer Crystal Brown for her time and patience (I tend to be picky) in helping making what I saw in my head into a visual cover that my fans and family could enjoy. Everyone is excited for this next novel but nobody as much as me. Of course I will entertain and make you ponder, but I'm more excited to show my progress from one book to the next. Its been a packed few months for me as I finish up the draft and submit it to my editor. Between that work and a ton of reading I have been very busy trying to get everything together. Keep your eyes opened for the first trailer and other videos as we get geared up for SS&BH!

Thank you,
Kevon Brown

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